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Probate Valuations

When You Have To Value An Estate For Probate Purposes

Valuing the estate of someone who has died is one of the first things to do if you're acting as the executor or personal representative for that estate.

You normally can't get access to the assets in the estate until you've received a grant of probate (or confirmation in Scotland).

You need to know the estate's worth to fill in the probate application forms and show whether or not Inheritance Tax is due.

Probate Property Valuations
Property valuation for probate purposes of residential or commercial premises, thereby reducing considerably the administrative burden for our clients at a time when, following a bereavement, they may have other urgent matters to attend to. If you have a house valuation for probate purposes or commercial property valuation we are able to provide all the necessary paperwork required to submit to IRS for tax calculations.

Experienced RICS Property Valuers
Bakewell & Horner have RICS Chartered Surveyors & Qualified Valuers, who can complete all types valuation of property for the purposes of probate in full accordance with RICS Red Book guidelines. All of our probate  valuations include full Professional Indemnity Insurance, and our RICS surveyors are fully qualified to undertake all kinds of property valuation, whether its a house, residential, commercial or industrial, including complete portfolios. No matter how complicated the valuation may be, you can rest assured it will be handled promptly, professionally, and with the utmost attention to detail.

Accurately Prepared Written Probate Property Valuations
The issue of Capital Gains Tax is an important aspect of dealing with and winding up an estate, and, without professional assistance, can become a troublesome problem for you and your family. RICS qualified probate valuations can make a complicated situation simpler. We guarantee an accurate, timely RICS Red Book valuation of a home, commercial or retail location, or industrial property, for probate, inheritance tax and capital gains purposes.

Capital Gains Tax Liabilities
When calculating capital gains tax liabilities it is quite usual to need to establish retrospective valuations backdated to either notional acquisition date or valuations backdated to 1982 which is the base level for capital gains tax and inheritance tax calculations. Using our extensive database we are able to historically establish backdated values and give supporting evidence which can considerably affect these calculations.

Instruct A Professional Valuer
Don’t let a discount valuation further complicate an already complicated situation, or render you liable to additional, unnecessary tax charges. Let us help you with any probate valuations you require.

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