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Matrimonial Valuations

When Do I Need A Matrimonial Valuation?

If you are going through a process of Divorce or Separation, knowing how much your home is worth is a major factor in most settlements.

When parties separate, for whatever reason, it is inevitably a difficult experience. It may be that the marriage/partnership has failed due to the fault of one individual or it may be that things have broken down irretrievably on a mutual basis.

Although it might be difficult to keep the ‘who did what’ and ‘whose fault it was’ out of equation, the law almost never takes into account who has caused the breakup. There are very few separations/divorces in which the blame for the breakup needs to be determined for legal purposes when determining the financial separation arrangements for parties. There may be reason to discuss whose fault it was should a ‘ fault’ reason for divorce be sought, but these cases are few and far between now that a year’s separation can be the basis of a divorce by consent.

In order to assist a financial settlement the solicitor for each spouse/partner needs to value the matrimonial property - which may seem a cold and calculating process, but is essential. Once there is a clear picture of what is owed by the spouses both singly and jointly then both parties will usually come together either physically or by correspondence between solicitors, and try to negotiate a settlement.

Bakewell and Horner undertake such valuations for all purposes including solicitors and regularly undertake valuations for the County and High Courts which do have a special format. We are can also provide expert witness style reports appertaining to valuation of property both residential and commercial.

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